Silver up the Castle wall
Sang on the dome of City Hall
And the river rang with it
Running laden from the hills

I breathed it all, but it went on
Silver untempered in the air
Cold effusion, soft illusion
Following me home

Two doves, soft with silver
In all its shades, and some were new
Puttering under the bare-barked tree
Arched heads muttering, not to me

Soon fled softly, left behind the sky
Behind the blossoms heavy with it
White sprung with silver
On a bed of sky of it or softer

She returned closer alone
Searching for a love less woebegone?
To be nurtured by another’s song?
I was already singing - to God

Maybe He listened with her silver head
And sang through mine
Hers bent to the side for a long time
And I ached with love at the sight of it

And she went on and I went out
And silver followed me
Calling from a shop of chandeliers
And the foil of coins of chocolate

Sumangali Morhall
February 2005

Photograph by Prashphutita