A Day of Joy in Scotland

The initial reason for the gathering in Scotland was Adarsha’s inspiration to sing Sri Chinmoy’s songs solo from dusk until dawn at a public venue in Glasgow. It then expanded into a longer musical event, followed by a day in the country on Sunday.

The nighttime events took place in a garden decorated with Sri Chinmoy’s poems, the paths lit with candle lanterns. In an area secluded by trees Adarsha was singing at the centre of a small island surrounded by a small moat with floating candles. The atmosphere was indescribable, and something I think I have never before experienced. The serenity of the natural surroundings, the tranquillity of the night and the power and soulfulness of the music created a totally unearthly environment which I hope never to forget.

Our accommodation was right in the very shores of Loch Lomond. As we arrived, the first light of dawn shimmered dramatically on the loch. The tranquillity and purity were so tangible, like a film set or a beautiful dream. The water and the surrounding mountains provided a most serene backdrop through the window of our meditation area. Later some of us climbed up Ben Lomond. Some ran, some walked, some made the two or three hour journey right to the top. Even from half way up the mountain the views of the loch and the little islands within it were magical. To enjoy the abundance and vastness of Scottish nature in June is a treat new to me, but I am keenly awaiting my next invitation!

Sumangali Morhall
June 2004

Photographs from the Great Britain album